Burrow Is Launching Its First-Ever Dining Table (and It’s Extendable)


Burrow, the inventive furniture company that ships easy-assembly, no-tools-required pieces right to your front door, is back—and bringing its expertise to the dining room. The company’s first-ever dining collection features the Serif Extendable Dining Table, perfect for switching from intimate family dinners to Thanksgiving get-togethers in a flash. The table, as well as two accompanying chair options, is available for purchase starting August 8.

The minimalist, mid-century modern dining table is a present-day classic, suited to a range of dining room design styles through the option of an oak or walnut wood finish. Delivered free-of-charge to your home, the Serif table expands from seating six to eight with just a quick maneuver that greatly improves upon the standard extendable table experience. The table has built-in storage for the leaf, and is made to be scratch, heat, and water resistant. Plus, you won’t need any additional tools or supplies to construct the furniture—everything comes in the box.


“Most extendable dining tables are not only a pain to assemble, but customers are also forced to take up additional storage space in their home to stow the leaf for months at a time,” said Will Jackson, Burrow’s senior furniture designer, in a statement. “We completely eliminated these issues with an easy-expansion rail system that slides apart smoothly and includes room to store the leaf directly in the table, all while remaining extremely sturdy in both forms.”

The drop also includes the company’s new Haiku and Alto dining chairs, both available in sets of two so you can go all-in with one or mix and match to your heart’s content. The Haiku chair offers a wooden back and an upholstered seat, with four potential material combinations—Walnut and Stone Gray, Walnut and Moss Green, Oak and Papyrus, and Oak and Camel. The Alto chair is just as elegant as the Haiku, and is fully upholstered; its material options include Black Metal and Stone Gray, Walnut and Papyrus, Walnut and Moss Greet, and Black Metal and Camel.


Though the dining set is undoubtedly the star of the show of Burrow’s new drop, the company is also releasing two storage options that can fit into any room of the house. 

The Opera Media Storage, retailing for $999, makes room for all of your entertainment needs, from compact gaming devices to complex sound systems. With slotted butterfly front doors, acoustically transparent material, cord management pathways, and ventilation, this console makes movie night easy. The unit’s simple, mid-century modern design comes in two wood finishes—oak and walnut.


For the bedroom, Burrow’s new Heist Bedroom Storage collection features the Heist Nightstand, retailing for $499, and a 6-Drawer Dresser, retailing for $1,799. The two pieces come in similarly sleek designs, the perfect additions to the brand’s signature sleeper sofa.

All of Burrow’s new designs (plus any mainstays you may have missed) are available to purchase now at burrow.com. The Serif Extendable Dining Table retails for $1,199, while the chairs range between $499 and $699.


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