Emily Ratajkowski’s living room embraces ‘dopamine decor’ |


Emily Ratajkowski’s living room isn’t a space one easily forgets. With all the buzz surrounding her ‘divorce rings,’ I couldn’t help but scroll back through her Instagram to find the dreamy room once more, and it certainly lives up to memory. Ratajkowski’s home embodies 2024’s popular ‘dopamine decor’ with a mature and subtle edge. 

Rather than lavishing in kooky candlesticks and flower-shaped rugs, EmRata’s living room takes a more adult approach to the mood-boosting trend. From the artistically colorful shag carpet to the Marisa Takal painting on the wall to the celadon velvet sofa, Ratajkowski’s space celebrates luxurious color. The fig tree, anthurium plant on the table, and the high bright windows fill the room with naturally-inspired brightness. It’s all designed to help improve happiness at home.


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