Vintage furniture and prints give this historic home a new look |


Lily and her husband, Andrew had admired this historic home in Larkspur, California, for years before it became their own. They liked the way the home was set back from the road, the mature trees and the expansive backyard with an old world style pool and towering hedges for privacy. The neighborhood appealed too, with its access to the spectacular trails of Mount Tamalpais, where San Francisco Bay inlets are to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. When the property came up for sale the couple jumped at the chance to own it. 

Research revealed that the home was originally built for the mayor of the small town in 1921. Built in Arts & Crafts style with black shingles and mahogany trim and doors, each piece of redwood was harvested in the canyon behind the neighborhood 100 years ago, and stamped with the home address at the mill down the street. Legend has it that the best square dances in the area happened in the barn which was once in the home’s backyard. 


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